Designing Data-Driven Report for Plastic Energy

“It was a great pleasure to work with the For Good Impact team, they were able to take a very technical and complex document and use smart infographics to illustrate in a way everybody can understand. The For Good Impact team were very professional, received and reacted to feedback and delivered on time and budget. We have had tremendous feedback on the document.

Andrew Bassford
Business Development, Plastic Energy


The Client


Plastic Energy has been working closely with various organizations across the world in fulfilling its vision to create a circular economy of plastic, reduce fossil fuel import, decrease CO2 footprint, and amplify the local economies. As a UK-based chemical recycling company, Plastic Energy aims to collaborate with both local and international partners to adapt to the local requirements in dispersing their technology worldwide as a means to combat plastic pollution.

In partnership with WWF-Indonesia, Plastic Energy produced a comprehensive report on ‘Towards a Circular Economy of Plastics in Indonesia’. For Good’s contribution to the report is transforming the data and statistics into engaging and easy to understand visuals as well as designing the layout of the document.


The Ask

As an effort to effectively communicate this issue, Plastic Energy needed a data-driven report that is appealing and understandable through visual aesthetics. Their main challenge was to create a document full of raw numbers and statistics into something that is impactful and practical.




Our Work

To answer Plastic Energy’s request, we transformed a set of complex data and statistics into data visualizations that are clean, engaging, yet easy to understand.