Composing branding and communication strategy for Little Spoon Farm

“Working with For Good team helped to give us a tangible plan to approach the world. Aside from giving analysis and direction, For Good team supported us to strategize and implement towards achieving our impact goals. Professional and quality work is always ensured. Thank you for supporting our farms!”

Audria Evelinn
Founder, Little Spoon Farm

The Client


Little Spoon Farm is a regenerative innovation hub that connects farmers and potential customers digitally. Little Spoon Farm invites local farmers to collaborate in creating a soil management system and planting organic produce that are  grown regeneratively.

They bring value addition to farm harvest through their product development strategies. Extending the shelf life of produce through fermentation and natural dehydration techniques.

The Ask

Little Spoon Farm wants to highlight their brand’s regenerative values. They want their brand to portray this value visually through her social media and website. The team contacted For Good to get help in developing Little Spoon Farm’s brand identity, marketing strategy, and website revamp coordination.





Our Work

For Good has supported Little Spoon Farm’s good practices by creating their brand positioning, communication strategy and visual design as follow:

Unique Values of Little Spoon Farm


Social Media Content Layout


Brand Style Guideline


Packaging Design